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 A museum heist, a missing child, a murder, a recent ex-con and an even more recent widow.  How many times do we have to pay for our mistakes before life sends us a reprieve?

Juliet Van Allen, museum administrator, discovers that her artist husband is having an affair with another woman. Elmer Vartanian, recently released from prison for a museum robbery, is coerced into helping scout her museum for a heist by a gang that has kidnapped his daughter. Juliet’s husband is murdered. Did she kill him?  She needs an alibi – so does the ex-con.

Cadmium Yellow, Blood Red is the first book in the Double V Mysteries series set in New England in the late 1940s and early 1950s.

If you like the romance and charm of a classic film, this “cozy noir” will remind you of an era when dramatic stories were elegant, subtle, and even a grim dark alley might lead to the glamour of evening dress and a champagne cocktail.

Enter a world where Modern Art meets old-fashioned murder and take a back seat in Juliet’s sleek 1949 Lincoln Cosmopolitan for a fast ride to outrun danger – now.

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